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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 to 8 Season 8

It was only 4 months after the terrible accident that killed their parents. And now Elena Gilbert, 17, and her brother Jeremy, 15, are still reeling from such a bereavement, but are eager to return to normal life. Elena has a beautiful appearance, always studied well and was popular at school, when the boys were ready to do anything to meet her. But now it is quite difficult for her to hide her sadness from the people around her. When the next school year began, Elena and her friends noticed a new student, the mysterious and beautiful Stefan Salvatore. He has never looked at the sun, and his eyes are hidden behind dark glasses.
Elena and Stefan immediately liked each other very much, but the girl has no idea that this guy is a vampire who has lived for hundreds of years. He seeks to exist quietly with other people, despite the fact that his brother named Damon is cruel and bloodthirsty, like a real vampire. Stefan once betrayed Damon, so he wants to get back at him for it. Now these two brothers, completely different, are fighting for the souls of the main character, her friends and other people living in the small town of Mystic falls.

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