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FBI Headquarters in Dallas, Texas comes an unknown person to help agents in the investigation of the case involving the killing of a serial killer nicknamed "the hand of God." The sixth victim was discovered recently the elusive perpetrator, and some Fenton Meeks owns the information about who commits a brutal murder. He tells the agent Wesley Doyle, his life story, which sheds light on the events. After the death of the mother, Fenton and his younger brother Adam lived with a very religious father, fanatical faith which soon turned into madness. One day his father said that he had a divine vision and him with his sons are destined to cleanse the world of evil people carrying.

So the boys witnessed the killings committed by the father. And if Adam missions father, Fenton did not want to kill anyone and opposed the will of the father. However, the behavior of the son the father took over a terrible flaw, for which Fenton badly paid. Guy finds that murder and commits his brother Adam, but agent Doyle must verify the information before starting his quest. The case becomes very confused and dangerous, as some participants have their defects.

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