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Goon: Last of the Enforcers

He was a bouncer at the city bar. Near Dag there was nothing that made him move forWard. The life of the vicious guy changed when he went to a hockey match, where man beaten half to death by one of the players. Noticing his talent, the coach suggested the hero to join the team. It is important that he did not have the skills of the game of hockey? No! It was enough to Doug enjoyed on the field with fists and wrapped the striker from his team.

Then the hero of the film "Goon: Last of the Enforcers" and got a chance for a new life in which he is a popular athlete with decent wages, adored by women of all ages! However, the happiness did not last: once the hero encounters too strong opponent, which sends it to the knock-out, eliminating in this way not only in the field but also from hockey. Doug once again begins to fall into depression, but now he had no right to feel sorry for yourself: the wife is pregnant, and therefore, he needs a new job.

The hero gets to a Warehouse, where quickly realizes that he wants to return to the ice. But back now Anders straightjacket, because it could again be beaten. To avoid this, in the evening, Doug starts walking to the former coach to teach him to keep hitting your opponent. Hero be able to regain the Heavyweight Championship?

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